The Most Viewed Dierdorff Photo EVERRRR!!!!!!!

I don't know it happened.

But it happened.

One of my photos is on Jackson Pollack's Wikipedia page.

I was doing research for an art history paper and ended up on Jackson Pollack's Wikipedia page. I scrolled down a bit and saw a photo of one of Pollacks paintings in the New York MOMA. I said to myself, "Hey, that image looks familiar..."

Then I looked a little closer at the image and said to myself, "Hey, that woman in the photo looks kinda like my mom."

"...wait...that is my mom!!! And I took that photo!"

From my best guess whoever posted the photo got it off my facebook page when I had an a photo album from a trip to New York a couple years ago.

How bout that.


My mom is the one reading the map.

Somebody get me an agent.

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